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KCC Welfare Fund


The purpose of KCCWA will include but not limited to:
  1. Build a resource network to organize and make funding available for bereaved members.
Any other goals/objectives/programs as needed approved by the executive committee that shall be presented at the general meeting of the KCCWA members.


  1. Any person(s) who is a KCC member that is interested may enroll as an active member.
    1. Consideration for KCCWA membership is also extended to newly baptized members of Kenyan Community Seventh Day Adventist Church;
    2. New KCC members who are accepted by profession of faith to KCC; and
    3. New arrivals within 90 days in the USA attending KCC regularly who must apply to become members of KCC after 90 days. The member applications will be pending name transfer to KCC.
  1. KCCWA reserves the right to collect dues for membership. The interested member shall pay one-time membership dues of $120.00. Membership will begin upon receipt by the treasurer or secretary of the first payment of membership dues [See Article III: Membership: Subsection c]. 
  1. A member shall complete an application form to provide the composition of the immediate family members wherever applicable (spouse, father, mother, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and grandchildren). KCCWA has an utmost good faith policy therefore no birth certificates of the members listed on the application form are required unless it is determined that an applicant member includes a fictitious name during the application process and thereafter prior to receiving benefits as a member of KCCWA. However, an appointed committee chosen by KCCWA members in a general meeting does verification of names on the application.
  1. The application form must be signed listing all beneficiaries to confirm their commitment and support for KCCWA. Update of family records related to birth or marriage must be submitted to the secretary within thirty (30) days of such an occurrence.
  1. The incident dues (not less than $20.00 or to exceed $100.00) shall be based on the number of active members payable to an active member who is bereaved. If applicable, changes of dues shall be proposed by the executive committee subject to a majority approval of membership present and voting of annual meeting. 
  1. New members shall access the said benefits immediately upon full payment of registration dues.
  1. KCCWA shall pay benefits to a member/members for only the names provided on the application form.
  1. The bereaved member/s, where applicable (siblings) must not have any dues unpaid to benefit from the KCCWA
  2. Misappropriation of KCCWA monies shall not be tolerated. Penalties shall be imposed and legal recourse may apply
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